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Spirit & Destiny | My Spiritual Inspiration

I was fortunate to grow up close to the coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia. Famed for its beautiful beaches, carefree hippies and adventure-seeking travellers, some of my happiest childhood memories are of the times I spent there. I loved the sense of excitement and freedom that Byron Bay always seemed to offer, the peace and tranquillity and bohemian bliss. It was somewhere were people weren’t scared to express themselves, where humans lived at one with nature.

I’m sure it’s this influence that prompted me to become a traveller once I hit my twenties – going around the world twice over with my backpack.

I had to get a proper job to pay for it all mind you! Starting in the telecommunications industry in my early twenties and rising up the ranks to a Senior Management position (I didn’t go to uni, I just rised up ranks)

Then in early 2009 I got the travel bug again. Arriving in the UK with my backpack I planned to stay just two years.

Soon though, I had got another job in the telecommunications industry and Mark Cobban through mutual friends on a night out in Leamington Spa.

We fell in love and on a trip home in 2016 Mark proposed to me in my spiritual home – Byron Bay. I had no doubt in my mind as I accepted his proposal against the backdrop of crashing waves that I’d always felt so at home with.

We returned to the UK and marred in a small Scottish castle in 2016. Our daughter, Autumn, was born that same year.

By then I had spent 20 years living the corporate life and rising the ranks in my job.

I loved every precious moment with Autumn during my maternity leave, but returning to work after just over a year was tough. I soon slipped back into the demanding role and had no problems negotiating multimillion pound contracts like I always had done.

I quickly got back into the grind of working ridiculous hours, answering my phone on my one day off a week and firing my laptop up at 10pm every night to see what emails I had missed from when I did the nursery pick up earlier that evening.

I was back on the big bucks, nailing presentations and closing big deals but felt like I had become a contradiction to myself.

After yearning to be a mum for ten years, I had finally got this incredible opportunity, but I wasn’t truly present even in that short time we had together in the evening because my head was still in the latest commercial deal.

Truth be told, I felt like a failure to my little girl, my partner and my colleagues. I decided then I decided to hand in my notice at work and be there for my daughter. (March 2018)

I then decided to go back to my roots – booking a trip back home to Australia in May 2018 to see my mum and dad.

Whilst Autumn and I were there (Mark didn’t come) I spent lots of time in Byron Bay soul searching.

I listened to the waves crashing, built sandcastles with Autumn on the familiar beach, and slipped back into the free-spirited bohemian vibe that I felt so at one with.

Byron Bay really helped me to connect with my old self. I felt like I was listening to what my heart was really trying to tell me.

The sense of freedom, excitement, free-spirit and creativeness was re-ignited inside my soul and I knew I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

It was then that I realised what I needed to do - to change my life and do what made me happy.  

With my decision made, I began thinking back to my pregnancy.

To how disappointed and disillusioned I had felt with the dull, identikit, maternity clothes that the high-street had to offer.

So upon our return the UK I used every spare moment researching my dream of starting a bohemian maternity fashion brand. Using the transferable skills that I had developed during my 20 years in the corporate world I gradually set the wheels in motion.  I had to learn a lot fast. It was challenging but invigorating too.  

In March 2018 I left my job and six months later in October 2018 my maternity clothes brand, Wandering Eve™, was launched. I decided on the name because ‘Wandering’ signified the care-free bohemian spirit that I wanted my clothes to embody, and ‘Eve’ represented women everywhere.

Wandering Eve™ launched in October 2018 with a range of skirts and dresses that are designed, made and manufactured in the UK and available to buy at

I’m proud of what I’ve achieved, and I’ll be eternally grateful to Byron Bay for being my spiritual inspiration.

Its influence shines through in all of my garments, and thanks to my trip back there mine and my family’s life has never been happier.

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