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Happy 10 years UK

Happy 10 years UK
In life, we often have moments of clarity that come to us in the most unusual way. It’s almost like the way you always get inspired to write when you’re driving your car, or you think of the perfect clothes design just as you’re falling asleep!

Roll back eleven years ago when I was living in Australia and went backpacking through Central America, and I recall getting on a “Chicken Bus” (what is that you ask? Well you know - a bus that carries everything from people and luggage to chickens) and seeing a meme painted above my seat. It said ‘Do not follow where the path shall lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail’.

Like many memes, this one could have been a fleeting thought, but instead, it got ingrained in my mind and I kept pondering over it for days after. It was as if at that particular moment the universe was telling me that I needed to go down a different path but I just wasn’t sure which one that would be. Clearly, I was being called. But what was I being called to?!

I was 30 years old, living in Brisbane, closely surrounded by my gorgeous family and oldest school friends. I had a house, a successful career and a dreamy lifestyle, and things were great. But...and isn’t there always a “but”...I knew I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and do something different.

After a little bit of introspective soul-searching, I decided to put my worldly processions into my parent's garage, pack my backpack and move to the UK. I honestly thought I’d be gone less than two years.

I distinctly remember the moment when I left, getting on the plane on the morning of 3rd January 2009. It was a sweltering 36 degrees in Bris Vegas and I was wearing just my thongs (commonly known as flip-flops here in the UK) and a summer outfit. I arrived in Heathrow to minus 6 degrees! Hello London. A good friend picked me up and kindly me doss in her house until I found a pad of my own to rent. I recall trudging through black sleet on the Clapham Common pavement as I looked for properties to rent.

Some may have thought I was nuts to have left my life as it was there, to move so far away from loved ones in Australia (not to mention the glorious sunshine), and start a new chapter. For me, I had this incredible excitement in my soul. This was the message on the meme. This was my moment! It was as if a fork in the proverbial road of life had arrived and I had to make a choice.

I decided early on that in order to build a new life my mantra would be to say ‘yes’ to opportunities. I went from being a ‘yes’ girl at a company whose catchphrase was “YES” (for those of you in Oz, you will know the company Optus) to being a yes woman in life! This helped me start to meet friends, explore countries I didn’t even know how to pronounce, and slowly start to build a parallel life from what I had in Australia.

Roll on ten years and I have my Scottish husband, my little ray of sunshine Autumn, incredible friendships, a little chapel in the Cotswolds that we call home and my own startup business called @wandering eve.

In life, we often lead to a crossroad and due to the fear of the unknown, we take the safest path. For many people, change frightens the hell out of them, but for me, my soul thrives on it. After all, isn’t it better to regret what you do, than regret what you don’t?

Happy ten years England. Here is to another ten years of love, laughter and light.

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