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From the Boardroom to Byron Bay

From the Boardroom to Byron Bay

After leaving my corporate role I got back to my roots, booked a trip home to Australia for a holiday and spent a lot of time soul searching in a place very fond to my heart; Byron Bay, listening to the waves crash, building sand castles with my daughter and just being present.

It was then I knew two things. Firstly I wanted to teach my daughter to follow her dreams and secondly I knew I wanted to one day make her proud of her mama. A pretty simple mantra I have is to ‘do what makes you happy’ yet I had lived so much of my adult life ‘doing what made other people happy’ so I knew the time was right but I just needed the confidence to take a leap.

That trip back to Byron also really helped me to connect with my old self. The sense of freedom, excitement, free-spirit and creativeness was re-ignited inside me soul and I knew I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

Why bohemian maternity wear?

During my pregnancy I had felt disappointed and disillusioned with the dull, identikit, maternity clothes that the high-street had to offer. I loved floral prints and vibrant colours and I saw this as a gap in the maternity market. When we got back to the UK I used any spare moment to research her dream of starting a bohemian maternity fashion brand, and used the transferable skills that I’d developed during my 20 years in the corporate world to set up the infrastructure.  

For months I spoke to endless friends and industry experts to ask as many questions. Whilst I had a tonne of learning to do, I knew my non negotiable was to create a maternity brand which embraced individuality and femininity and didn’t compromise on quality by cutting costs by going for cheap fabrics or down the offshore manufacturing route.

I decided on Wandering Eve as a name because ‘Wandering’ signified the care-free bohemian spirit that I wanted my clothes to embody, and ‘Eve’ represented women everywhere.

Every big decision we ever make requires a ‘leap of faith’ and for me, the definition of success has changed so much since having my little girl (something I didn’t read in books) Right now, following my dreams of starting my own business and spending more time with my little family is success.

Here is to love, adventure and following your dreams, no matter how crazy they may sound…


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